Hometown Family of Stores have always strived to bring patient care to a higher level - whether it's the free antibiotic program in the pharmacies, or personal one-on-one consultation with our staff. Hometown combines small town service with the latest in pharmaceutical and health care technology and continues to receive top marks in customer satisfaction...

"I've been going to Hometown Health Mart Pharmacy in Chillicothe since they opened their doors. I appreciate their "hometown service" and that they really helped out some of my relatives while they were visiting." -- Gene Whitmer, Chillicothe, Missouri

"All of the employees at Chillicothe's Hometown Health Mart Pharmacy were born and raised right here at home, and people like to do business with those who they know, like, and trust. I've had my prescriptions filled at Hometown Health Mart Pharmacy ever since they began in 2002. It would be pretty difficult to find better customer service anywhere else." -- Mary Roma-Johnson, Ludlow, Missouri
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"The employees at Hometown Health Mart Pharmacy are always ready to help with my prescriptions and answer my questions. I highly recommend Hometown Health Mart Pharmacy for many reasons. -- Virginia Wall, Chillicothe, Missouri (audio mp3 file)

"For several years now, Hometown Health Mart Pharmacy has been my pharmacy of choice. Along with its dependability, Hometown Health Mart Pharmacy is wonderful from the moment you step in the door, they always tell me what I need to know, and they also deliver my prescriptions to my work!" -- Vicki Marrs, Chillicothe, Missouri (audio mp3 file)

"Hometown Health Mart Pharmacy is just what the doctor ordered for busy Moms - their service has really helped me out and made a big difference to me. I highly recommend them if you have any questions about your medications or your health care needs." -- Heather Gates, Chillicothe, Missouri (audio mp3 file)

Convenient. Professional. Information. And very friendly. Just a few words how some customers are describing the services provided by Hometown Family of Stores.

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